Alumni Council Announces 2016 Election Results

The Penn State Alumni Association announced the results of its annual Alumni Council governance election on June 1, welcoming ten individuals to three-year terms, including four candidates endorsed by the PSAAForAll interest group. The group secured nine of ten positions in the 2015 election.

This year’s ballot included 31 candidates selected by the nominating committee, but not without the string of controversy that has befallen recent elections. The Alumni Association established a nominating committee to vet candidates — a process that has been criticized for preventing many of the more vocal alumni (especially those involved with the PS4RS interest group or who have publicly criticized the Alumni Association) from appearing on the ballot. The nominating committee used five selection criteria to vet candidates (although the selection criteria were not released until after candidates had already submitted their intent to run). Luckily, the 2016 elections didn’t result in a lawsuit.

The following candidates were elected by a mere 7.36 percent of eligible voters:

  • C. Jay Hertzog ’68 Edu, ’72g, ’80g
  • Kelley M. Lynch ’87 Bus
  • Tracy Shillinger Riegel ’85 H&HD
  • William R. Scruitsky ’86 Lib
  • Judy Barkus Meehan ’87 H&HD
  • David S. Cavanaugh ’76 A&A
  • Elizabeth Park Haas ’80 Com
  • Edward Bardella ’85 Hbg
  • Liana Trigg ’15 Sci
  • John Shaffer ’88 Com

PSAAForAll endorsed winning candidates Ed Bardella, Jay Hertzog, William Scruitsky, and John Shaffer in addition to three candidates who were not elected to the Council. Including these candidates, PRSSAForAll now holds more than 30 elected Council representative positions, according to the group’s website.

The ten successful candidates will officially begin their respective terms with the Alumni Council on July 1.

Correction: We have updated this story to add more clarity on how the nominating committee functions.

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