Penn State Makes Top Ten Most Common Alma Maters Of Fortune 500 CEOs

Update: Apparently the list goes in order of “the number of undergraduate degrees each confers,” so we’re not sure where exactly Penn State is in the top 10 of CEO alma maters, but it’s definitely there. Penn State appears eighth on the list so we originally reported it as eighth, but the list isn’t actually in order of what the story is about for some reason. Also, corrected Penn State’s location to University Park. 

If you’re set on becoming the next CEO of a highly successful business, you’ll be in good company. When Fortune 500 released this year’s top corporations, sifted through them  and made a very disorganized list and found Penn State is the 8th most common university current Fortune 500 CEOs attended.

We already knew Penn State has the second most active and useful alumni association in the nation, and now this? Penn Staters can pretty much do anything they set their minds to, from running Hanesbrands like Richard Noll to having beef with Kanye West like Nike CEO Mark Parker.

In the top 10 most frequent of the 220 colleges the CEOs attended, Penn State joins Ivy League schools Harvard and Cornell and represents the Big Ten with only one other B1G school on the list — Wisconsin.

Oh, and Penn State’s graduate schools aren’t too shabby either. U.S. News ranked the supply chain program third in the nation:


Our only gripe here is saying College Station, Pa. is a place. Hopefully all these CEOs can give State College the street cred it deserves.

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