Overheard On Twitter: Kanye West Calls Out Noted Penn State Alum Mark Parker

Everyone knows you haven’t really made it until Kanye West calls you out on Twitter (and then probably deletes it a few hours later).

In “Facts,” Yeezy claims his new Adidas shoe — the sold-out YEEZY Boost — “just jumped over Jumpman,” but on Tuesday night he made it clear he meant no disrespect to Michael Jordan and all disrespect to Nike CEO and Penn State alumnus Mark Parker.

The riveting drama started when Us Weekly reported Kanye’s sister-in-law Kylie Jenner as the potential new face of Puma. Kanye told his 18.5 million followers that the Kardashian-West-Jenners are a big, happy, strictly Yeezy-wearing household:  

In his Puma-fueled internet rage, Mr. West felt the need to apologize to Michael Jordan. He cleared up that his attacks on Nike are never an attack on MJ, but on one of Penn State’s most prestigious graduates.

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t trust his judgement in this particular rant considering he threw this scorching take into the mix:

For someone who once said “haters is just dreamers who forgot they dreams,” Kanye’s Twitter presence these days really makes you think. I guess this is just one more accomplishment Mark Parker can check off his list.

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