OS Cribs: Serious About Cereal

There’s a pretty big gem hidden in the depths of East Prospect Ave., and it’s home to walls lined with more than 200 Cereal Boxes.

The owners are four big personalities named Big Al, Scrappy, Kyle, and Jake. Scrappy, the man who somehow lives in a house covered with cereal boxes while simultaneously running a blog dedicated to healthy eating, gave us a grand tour of their whimsical decorations and, of course, the holy cereal box wall.

Shuyao_Chen_Cereal_06The wall is covered in more than 200 cereal boxes ranging from classic Cheerios to an international version of French Toast Crunch called “Croque Pain Doré”.


Labels line every inch of the wall.
Shuyao_Chen_Cereal_05The apartment also boasts its own in-house Stump game.


The boys are starting a new tradition where they hang ornaments from a tree. So far, the collection is going strong with a thermometer and a Kobe Bryant hanging happily.


The dining room table is Kyle’s great-grandmother’s relic. It’s over 70 years old and comes straight from Yugoslavia.

Right now, the four cereal aficionados aren’t sure of the wall’s future. Scrappy is hoping his younger sister, who currently attends Penn State, will move in next year. One thing is for certain — the boys at 660 East Prospect Avenue win the award for most consistent breakfast eaters in their building.

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