Will Take You From East Halls To Willard In Less Than A Minute

Ever have an argument with your roommate about something on campus but you’re both too hung-over to get up? Worry no more — YouVisit can settle your argument from the comfort of your own home.

YouVisit is an online, interactive 3D map of the University Park campus. There’s a free roam feature that allows you to virtually move around the campus with 360° angle views of every landmark. Usually a 20-minute walk in the heat, getting from East Halls and Beaver Stadium to the Lion Shrine and West Halls is only a few clicks of a mouse.

If free roam gets boring, the site also offers a virtual tour, guided by Penn State students, that explains various places on campus. This feature is good for prospective students trying to find out more about Penn State and for current students (freshmen) who still have questions. It’s the next best thing to a Lion Scouts or Lion Ambassadors tour.

The site also includes links to the Penn State admissions and tour website. YouVisit even boasts an actual virtual reality tour if you have a pair of virtual reality goggles to hook up to the website.

For those feeling nostalgic, YouVisit also has tours from inside dorm rooms and dining halls on campus that’ll take you back to your freshmen days in East Halls.

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James is a senior majoring in digital and print journalism, James enjoys writing about anything weird and is deadly allergic to bees. Onward State people are very nice to him.


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