It’s NOT Going Down, Pegula Will Still Yell ‘Timber’

Hockey Valley was shook to its core when a tweet hinted Pegula’s beloved “Timber” remix might not be played after goals this season:

Created by P.J. Mullen and passed down through generations of Pegula DJs (ok, passed down to one Pegula DJ), the “Timber” remix has become something of a first tradition for a young Penn State program and its student section, the Roar Zone. While it wasn’t Penn State’s “official” goal song last season, former Roar Zone President Kyle Hoke remembers it might as well have been:

“I think ‘Timber’ has evolved into an unofficial anthem for the program and is almost a rallying point for us students. It’s gone from a funny coincidence to a piece of the Penn state hockey experience, like it or not. If this is the last of the #TimberCount, it’ll be a sad season in Pegula,” he said.

Despite speculation, this appears to be a case of miscommunication, poor choice of words, and an intense love for the ‘”Timber” tradition clashing. The original tweet said the song won’t be played after goals, but breathe easy, it will — it just might not be the “official” goal song.

New Pegula DJ Alex Melso maintains he loves the song and its meaning to Penn State hockey and it’s not going anywhere. He confirmed that “Timber” will be played after goals and in “hype” situations. “They’ll learn tomorrow that this isn’t true…Timber will be played during goals and that’s the end of this. #TimberForever.”

The need to hear “Timber” after goals as opposed to it being a vague “signature” song like the original tweet indicated might sound silly to outsiders, but on top of tradition, the Roar Zone just sold around 100 #TimberCount shirts, and it’s used to the #TimberCount only going up after goals or in the beginning of a game.

“I was disappointed when I saw the tweet saying ‘Timber’ would be dialed back this season. No one ever told us that it would remain a gameday staple, but we were also never led to believe that it would be removed as one of the goal songs. With our current merch sale of t-shirts, we’re all pretty angry that this is happening. 100 shirts have been sold and we don’t want people to feel like they were scammed or wasted their money. We feel that there is no need to fix something that isn’t broken, and that Timber as a goal song is a one of our traditions that should not be dropped,” Roar Zone President Chris Godissart said.

It’s not quite clear if “Timber” will be played as much as it has been in the past, but 100 new owners of #TimberCount shirts need not worry — it will still be “going down” after goals and more. Between the clowns and TimberGate this week, Penn State Twitter could use a beer.


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