Reminder: It’s The Last Day To Register To Vote In Pennsylvania

While walking past the 20th person of the day asking if you’ve registered to vote and giving him or her a half-hearted (and maybe untrue) “yes,” remember that today, Tuesday Oct. 11, is actually the last day to register to vote in Pennsylvania.

Please forgive the political activists and cut them some slack when they get on your nerves because they just want your opinion to matter this year. And it can, but only if you’re registered. It’s an easy process and there are tons of resources online to help you understand what you’re doing and which websites can register you in minutes. As you decide on which divisive person (here are the candidates) you will cast your vote for, remember that there will be many elections to come with candidates that may get your American heart throbbing with patriotism. Although this campaign season has been disheartening for some, don’t let one mismanaged, misinformed, and distrustful election fray your opinion of our country’s democracy and convince you that not voting is the right thing to do.

If you’re an out-of-state student and think the clipboard warriors can’t help you since you don’t have a PA driver’s license or ID, you’re wrong. You just need a social security number and you’re good to go.

Not registering only strengthens the campaign of the worst person (whoever you believe that may be) on the ballot. Democracy is a culmination of decisions made by those who came before, and by not voting you contribute to a gap that will be created and will have to be filled in at a later date. Please, folks, register to vote if you can. It only takes a few minutes, and in a state like Pennsylvania, your voice really matters. Even if you’re the Ken Bones of State College and still can’t decide who to vote for, register. A lot can happen in a month and you might change your mind down the road. If not, you’ll be all set up for next time.

You may not know who you want to vote for today, but in five weeks you might, and if you register you’re at least giving yourself the option.

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