Cupcake Or Donate Challenge Aims To Fundraise For THON

Sorority Alpha Delta Pi started a cupcake challenge in hopes to raise money for THON. The challenge, titled Cupcake Or Donate, is an alternative fundraiser the sorority wants to see grow on a national scale.

“The goal is to create more ‘birthday wishes,’ so you either #cupcakeordonate. Essentially you smash a cupcake in your face or donate to THON and make a birthday wish for children fighting pediatric cancer,” said Maddie Feinman, the ADPi THON alternative fundraising chair. Before smashing a cupcake you nominate others to participate in the challenge in the next 24 hours, or donate to THON and continue to pass the challenge on.

The idea originated from ADPi’s overall THON chair Becca Lerman. She based the idea off the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but altered it to include delicious cupcakes. She thought it would be a great way to spark a social media movement and spread THON’s message nationwide, while raising as much money as possible for THON 2017.

“We have so many sisters from all across the country and this is a really cool way to get all of our networks involved in a really fun and unique way. It would also be really cool to get #cupcakeordonate trending and potentially get national attention,” Feinman said.

The challenge began November 28 and has no definite end date. Since it began, members from all across the Penn State community have participated. ADPi appreciates the support its received from Penn State so far and is excited about the impact they can make for the kids.

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