LionTutors Offering $10 Off Exam 1 Reviews

LionTutors is offering $10 off Exam 1 Reviews at LionTutors has a proud tradition of helping Penn State students earn the grades they want. Through offering exam and weekly reviews, practice tests, study guides, and private tutoring, LionTutors has every resource to boost students’ grades.

Briton Rott, freshman intended finance major, stated, “LionTutors provides me with in-depth, structured reviews that help me successfully prepare for any exam. Everyone should use LionTutors as an effective study method.”

LionTutors is dedicated to gathering, presenting, and explaining information that is directly what students will see on their exams.

Erica Cruz, junior advertising major, said, “I attended LionTutors for STAT 200 and was amazed at how clearly the information was presented and the quality of the notes and tutoring. LionTutors pinpoints exactly what information will be tested and teaches the most effective approaches. LionTutors helped me get an A because of the in-depth reviews and the quality of the practice problems!”

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