DOTD: Penn State Professor Cracks Code For Perfect Next-Day Guacamole

Your Super Bowl party has already come and gone, but with Spring Break and State Patty’s Day on the horizon, you still have time to perfect your snack recipes.

Thanks to Head of Food Science for the College of Agricultural Sciences Robert Roberts, you can serve fresh guacamole at your next party without anyone knowing you made it the night before.

The professor shared the secret to delicious, next-day guac with Washington radio station WTOP-FM. According to Roberts, filling a bowl of guacamole with water to the top of the bowl seals in the freshness and preserves the bright green color.

“The fat content of the avocado keeps the water from soaking in, so it can be poured off,” Roberts told WTOP-FM. “The layer of water prevents oxygen from contacting the avocado and limits oxidation which is the cause of browning.”

WTOP-FM Senior News Director Mitch Miller tried out the hack for himself and noticed his guacamole turned out much better than it normally does.

“Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but much better than that thick layer of brown goop that can happen when guacamole sits out too long,” Miller said. He also noted that the guacamole was thick enough not to absorb the water, creating just the right consistency.

You never know when a Penn State research initiative will be the saving grace of your party.

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