A Small Baby Captivates The Bryce Jordan Center

It was the perfect storm for this mobile toddler to have taken center stage — sorry, floor, during THON 2017. THON is well known for having THON children do ridiculously cute things as they run around the BJC and play with those on the floor. However, this remarkable moment during Saturday afternoon will be sure to be the highlight of many THON goers weekend.

The OPP committee had sectioned off the middle part of the floor to mop and was waiting for the floor to dry before moving onto the next section. That was when this unknown child crawled out from the front sectioned off part of the floor and made his debut.Cheers and shouts erupted from the floor and the student section as this adventurous toddler crawled out towards the empty space. As a couple of dancers tried to draw that small child back towards the crowd, the little boy seemed to be enjoying the hoots and hollers of the entire BJC.The closest section to the little boy was Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Phi Epsilon, who, by chance, had a ton of energy and A LOT of balloons. The students in this section would cheer loudly as the toddler would bless them with his attention.

And then just when you thought this story couldn’t get absolutely any cuter, this courageous child stood up. It was in that moment that all the hearts in the BJC simultaneously melted.Shortly after standing (unlike the dancers), this baby was swept off the floor, leaving many spectators in awe because of his performance. This small child crawling onto the floor was the uplifting moment that everyone in the BJC needed.  All we can hope for is that this mysterious baby makes second appearance at THON preferably during the early Sunday hours, hopefully not past his bed time.

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