Author: Dana Lipshutz

Dana Lipshutz is a junior majoring in Graphic Design who comes from the typical “right outside of Philly” town of Warrington. She is the friend that takes all the pictures but never makes it into any of the cool photos. She overuses the word ‘hooligan’ and likes Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips and raspberry ice tea a bit too much. You can email her at [email protected] or you can follow her @DanaLipshutz however it’s mostly just retweets of Beyoncé gifs/memes.

46 Hours In 46 Photos: THON 2017

Already in withdrawal from THON? We’ve got your fix. Here are the 46 best photos from THON 2017.

[Photos] Slides Of Strength Allows Reprieve For Dancers

THON has numerous methods of keeping dancers relaxed and feeling strong throughout the 46 hours. The most notable of these events is Slides of Strength, where the OPP committee rolls out a long tarp and showers it with baby powder before dancers slide across it.

A Small Baby Captivates The Bryce Jordan Center

In one of the typically slower parts of THON, one small child brought the BJC to its feet.

[Video] Saturday Morning At THON 2017

Look for your favorite dancer or spectator busting a move on the floor.

[Video] The First In Line For THON 2017

We talked to some of the spectators who have been waiting outside the BJC to see what they predict from THON 2017.

Penn State vs. Kent State In Photos

The home opener may be over but football season is just getting started. Relive the game against Kent State with our photo recap.

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From freshman convocation to spring graduation, here is your 2015-2016 school year in photos.