Things Are Getting Hairy This Year: Best Headgear Of THON 2017

There are a lot of crazy things going at THON — especially by way of apparel. Personally, I’m a big fan of the various hairstyles and hats many of the attendees adorn. So we figured we’d capture some of our favorite headpieces we’ve seen around the BJC so far and share them with you. And with that, here’s the best headgear of THON 2017:

1) Nerd Caps

Nothing says “I’m a goofy goober” like these fun hats. This group is throwing things back to those childhood days with some propeller hats.

2) He Gets Buckets

Thought the bucket hat trend died out? You thought wrong. We got buckets for days out here at THON.

3) Animal Flap Hats

They’re festive and fun–you really can’t go wrong with these winners.

4) Ohana’s Clown Fish Caps

You’re lying if you say this one doesn’t remind you of Finding Nemo.

5) Lion Ears

Show me someone who doesn’t love these fun lion ears — I dare you.

6) Flower Crowns

Much like the bucket hats, we will never get tired of the flower crown trend when it comes to THON–especially when it’s this cute.

7) No Hair Don’t Care Band

Last, but certainly not least, a headpiece that really captures why we’re all here–it’s FTK.

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos that is THON. Make sure you’re taking it all in, and that includes stopping to admire all the funky headgear and other accessories spectators are decked out in this weekend.

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