Author: Emma Dieter

Emma is a sophomore from the ever popular "right-outside" Philly area studying labor employment relations and PR. She has been a Penn Stater from cradle and will continue to bleed blue and white, till grave. She loves trashy romance novels, watching Netflix, and crying over cute videos of dogs. If you ever want to talk more with her about how great she is, or simply have other inquiries, feel free to email her at [email protected]

How To Speak THON

As a sort of tribute to THON and all of its wacky ways, we decided to compile a list of some of these words and phrases. Here’s our version of THON’s urban dictionary.

THON 2018 Weekend Weather Forecast

Here’s your guide to the weather in State College for the THON 2018 weekend.

You Could Become The Next Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Driver

The Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile is on campus this week to recruit graduating Penn State seniors to join its team of hotdoggers.

Big Ten Student Governments Partner To Advocate For Clean DREAM Act

Student leaders across all Big Ten schools decided to take a stand to show their support for their fellow undocumented peers. The student governments partnered up to create a video promoting the passage of a Clean DREAM Act.

Penn State Beekeepers Club And The Quest To #SaveTheBees

Bee’s are dying at an alarming rate and the Penn State Beekeeper’s Club just wants to #SaveTheBees

NRT Presents: Tarva

In the mood for a good laugh this weekend? Look no further than 111 Forum, where No Refund Theatre will tackle the trials and tribulations of growing up with their original production of “Tarva.”

No Refund Theatre Presents: The Goat

No Refund Theatre tackles beastiality, murder, and even incest in its semester opening rendition of the play, “The Goat.”