Your Complete THON Bucket List

Whether you’re a dancer or a spectator, there are some experiences at THON you just shouldn’t miss out on. To help you get the most out of your THON 2017 experience, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of these can’t-miss activities. With 46 hours to complete the list, you’ve got plenty of time to try all 20 tasks.

  1. Do the line dance on the floor.
  2. Sing along with Go Go Gadjet.
  3. Get a picture with the Nittany Lion.
  4. Take the THON history tour.
  5. Help a dancer stretch out.
  6. Have a water gun battle with a kid.
  7. Eat a grilled cheese.
  8. Throw what you know — diamonds.
  9. Wear a ridiculous outfit. May we suggest a fanny pack?
  10. Get R&R to yell at you. Trust us, this one shouldn’t be hard.
  11. Give a dancer a piggy-back ride (or get a piggy-back ride if you’re dancing!)
  12. Send dancer mail or kids mail.
  13. Help an org hold up their letters. Bonus points if you’re not a member of the org!
  14. Learn the colors of every committee.
  15. Help or slide with Slides of Strength.
  16. Get a THON child’s autograph.
  17. Take a photo with the BJC floor in the background.
  18. Use #FTK in every tweet.
  19. Meet a member of THON’s executive committee.
  20. Take a picture with a “THON celebrity” like Charlies Millard.

What else is on your THON Bucket List? Let us know in the comments.

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