Jerseys Spotted at THON

There are all types of different attires that are seen at THON throughout the weekend. You have your committee members’ specific shirts, different orgs’ shirts, special onesies. Then there’s another group that you see during THON weekend — and that’s the folks wearing sports jerseys.

There were plenty of types of jerseys — you have your current players, retro jerseys, and occasionally you can spot jerseys from one your favorite sports movies. We wandered all over the BJC to find some of the best jerseys that were sported at THON.

“Cleveland wins the ring / That kid from Akron still the King”
“Great year to be a Cub / Curse is lifted, fly the dub”
The GOAT back when he was a member of the Dream Team rocking No. 9.
Another appearance for Jordan here — this time as the MVP of the Tune Squad’s epic comeback over the Monstars.
“Be careful man, it almost hit me that time!” “Goldberg, you’re the goalie. It’s supposed to hit you.”

Let us know on Twitter @OnwardState if you see any other jerseys that need to be shared with the world!

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