Every Song Played At THON 2017, In Order

The most important part of a dance marathon is the music, and THON never disappoints. There’s always something to keep dancers going — from remixes and top-100 hits to throwbacks and covers, the playlist has something for everyone.

If you want to relive THON weekend song by song or you just really liked what was played, you’re in luck — we’ve compiled a playlist of every song played at THON in the order they were played in. Of course it’s not perfect; we may have missed a song here or there and songs like “Formation” and anything by Taylor Swift aren’t on Spotify, but for the most part it’s pretty comprehensive.

Now that the list is compiled, there are a few interesting stats. By our count, there were 580 songs played at THON, not including what was mentioned above as well as original songs and a few others from live acts. That equates to 36 hours and four minutes of music, with the rest of the weekend full of various performances and the line dance, which, if you do 46 times, is more than two hours of the whole weekend.

More specifically, some songs and artists were of course more popular:

  • “Closer” was played four times (that’s it?)
  • Nine songs by The Chainsmokers
  • Timber Count: 4
  • “Easy Love” by Sigala played five times
  • Four different Timeflies songs
  • 7 High School Musical songs (3 “Breaking Free,” 2 “We’re All In This Together,” plus “The Boys Are Back” and “Get’cha Head In The Game”)
  • Only 8 of the 580 songs were country


Special thanks to those who took a turn on the Google Doc this weekend keeping track of what was playing, namely Janelle Rothacker, Emma Dieter, Tim Reams, and the multitude of other staffers to whom it was handed off to at various points. 

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