Penn State’s All In Movement Needs You

Earlier this year, Penn State embarked upon its All in at Penn State: A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion initiative by hosting a kickoff event on the Old Main lawn. Since then, the Penn State community at large has been working toward creating a more inclusive and diverse atmosphere on campus.

As a part of that initiative, the campaign is planning a permanent outdoor commemorative piece to highlight the aims of the program. In order to do this, they’re asking you — the Penn State community — to share your thoughts and feelings on the importance of diversity and inclusion. Your contributions may be selected to be part of the storytelling behind this piece and the university’s ongoing initiative to be “All In.”

In 30-50 words, the campaign asks students to submit a couple of sentences on what inspires them to be “All In.” Your contributions may be selected to be part of the storytelling behind this piece — some quotes may even be included in the piece itself or shared on social media. If you’d like to contribute, send in submissions by March 13 for a chance to be in the running.

Penn State has always been an innovative and accepting institution. This piece commemorates that initiative and serves as a reminder to all students to continue breaking barriers and challenging beliefs. For more information on the piece and the campaign’s goals, visit here.

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Emma Dieter

Emma is a sophomore from the ever popular "right-outside" Philly area studying labor employment relations and PR. She has been a Penn Stater from cradle and will continue to bleed blue and white, till grave. She loves trashy romance novels, watching Netflix, and crying over cute videos of dogs. If you ever want to talk more with her about how great she is, or simply have other inquiries, feel free to email her at [email protected]


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