Potato Gun Highlights State Patty’s Day Oddities

Update 1:55 p.m.: We’ve learned that a male was in fact struck with an object projected from said spud launcher. Instead of a tater, a stress ball was fired at the roommate of an apartment resident. There were no injuries reported, nor were there potatoes being projected or consumed.

Things can get a little weird on State Patty’s Day. Sure, there are your normal run-of-the-mill underage charges or public intoxications, but every now and then, police respond to some rather interesting calls.

This State Patty’s weekend was no different. On Saturday, police responded to a call on West Beaver Avenue reporting sounds of gun shots. Expecting to find a gun upon arrival, police found a different type of gun as the source of the complaint — a potato gun.

It’s unclear wether or not the spud launcher was confiscated by police — no further information was provided. It’s unclear what the desired target for said spud actually was, but police confirmed there was no damage caused.

Though it’s not technically St. Patrick’s Day, State Patty’s Day still revolves around Irish themes. There’s nothing more Irish than a good potato — making Potato Gun Gate the highlight of this State Patty’s weekend.

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