The Most Meme-able Paintings At The Palmer Museum Of Art: Round Two

Last year, we went exploring through the Palmer Museum of Art for the most meme-worthy paintings we could find. We were pleasantly surprised to find plenty of pieces that seemed to reflect student life at Penn State.

2017 has already been a year of hilarious memes, so we went back to the Palmer Museum and created more Penn State-style memes to keep up with the times. All of the art you see in this round is displayed in the upstairs section of the museum.

Here’s the second round of the most meme-able paintings (and one sculpture) at the Palmer Museum of Art.

Working Horse, Hauling

Artist: Kate Javens

Year: 1994

We were all this horse trudging up the Shortlidge hill on that icy day.

Dutch Interior

Artist: Walter McEwan

Year: 1886

“Quilt-making and chill?”

The Little Coat and Fur Shop

Artist: Kenneth Hayes Miller

Year: 1931

Dinner’s on me tonight. Money is of no object!

Bacchante and Infant Faun

Artist: Frederick William MacMonnies

Year: 1894

Just wait until you see them tomorrow morning.

Summer Idyll (Fleur de Luce)

Artist: Henry Siddons Mowbray

Year: Not listed

Enjoy the weather with some frisbee, a good book, and a solid hour of flower harvesting.

The Dance

Artist: Thomas Bangs Thorpe

Year: 1833

‘Tis lit.

Rose and Blue

Artist: William McGregor Paxton

Year: 1913

Every girl knows the perfect going-out outfit takes time to assemble.

Girl Reading

Artist: Edmund Tarbell

Year: 1909

*opens textbook* “Did we even learn this?”

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