Sandy Barbour Touches On Master Plan Timetable

Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour elaborated on a few pertinent points raised during the Facilities Master Plan unveiling yesterday at the Hintz Family Alumni Center.

Barbour remained noncommittal on the overall timeframe for the entire Master Plan, but specifically in terms of Beaver Stadium, which wasn’t included in the five-year priority plan. “I don’t think until we actually get into design, sequence, and funding mechanisms, that we can set a goal,” Barbour said. She went on to add how this is aspirational — meaning there are goals set, but the reality is that whatever’s funded is going to be constructed.

It’s important to note that just because the Athletic Department released the renderings for the renovations and new buildings, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to go to construction at a moments notice. In addition to the planning and design, Athletics will have to secure funding for each part of the plan, which will come for various different stakeholders based on each specific project. Currently, the new Natatorium, Tennis Center, Center of Excellence, and Indoor Practice Facility are listed on the five-year plan.

The plan’s timeframe wasn’t the only item discussed after the unveiling; when asked if she’d remain at Penn State to see the project’s completion all the way through, Barbour shrugged off the question. “The 20 years?” she asked in response. “Well for me this is the fun part, to not only plan but to see physical manifestations of your vision.”

“The 20 years?” she asked in response. “Well for me this is the fun part, to not only plan but to see physical manifestations of your vision.”

Barbour, currently 57-years old, would be 79 by the project’s completion, and that’s if everything stays on schedule and gets funded without a hitch. Perhaps it’s unfair to speculate about Barbour’s personal 20-year agenda given all the unknown variables.

As the plan begins gaining steam, it’s evident some key answers won’t be coming anytime soon.

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