IFC Endorses Jordan/Shockley Ticket In UPUA Presidential Race

UPUA presidential and vice presidential candidates Katie Jordan and Alex Shockley earned another important organizational endorsement today from the Interfraternity Council. Every UPUA presidential ticket IFC has endorsed throughout the organization’s relatively short history later won the election.

Both the Jordan/Shockley ticket as well as the Sammy Geisinger/Jorge Zurita-Coronado ticket met with the Interfraternity Council to Tuesday night present their respective platforms.

“We are pleased to announce that it was the decision of the president’s of the Interfraternity Council to endorse Jordan/Shockley for the UPUA ticket,” IFC VP for Communications Michael Cavallaro said of the endorsement. “We believe that their platform, experience, and involvement within the university and the greek community will effectively support our views and goals. Their efforts will benefit us not only Greek members, but as students in general.”

This endorsement is especially coveted, as it allows Jordan and Shockley to campaign at Penn State’s fraternity houses on election day. Because candidates are unable to campaign in the HUB, this endorsement offers both support and tangible benefits.

Election day is Wednesday, March 29. Until then, students will have the opportunity to learn more about the those running at this week’s final Meet the Candidate session, the Grand Debate on March 27, or at vote.psu.edu, where you can find all the important information about this year’s election and a statement provided by each candidate.

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