NRT Presents: ‘Leading Ladies’

For those looking for a hysterical way to kick off the weekend, No Refund Theatre is putting on a production of Ken Ludwig’s comedy “Leading Ladies.”

The play centers around two down-on-their-luck British performers who just can’t seem to catch a break. The pair — Leo (Chad Poz) and Jack (Kieran Dempsey) — are living in 1950s Pennsylvania desperately trying to make a living out of their craft, but failing miserably.

One day, they read in the newspaper that an old dying woman in the area is leaving millions of dollars of inheritance to some distant English relatives: Max and Steve. However, the duo soon learn that “Max” and “Steve” are actually “Maxine” and “Stephanie.” But that doesn’t deter the two seasoned actors from trying to snag the cash — thus, the storyline of “Leading Ladies” begins.

The play is co-directed by senior Bryna Parlow and junior Kelly McNeice, neither of whom are new to the NRT scene. Both directors have been members of NRT since their freshman year. Although this is Parlow’s first time directing a play, she has acted in multiple performances throughout her tenure. She also served as an assistant director for a few shows, including Ian Felker’s “The Dealer.”

“It was a lot different directing a play. There was a lot more that went into coordinating the whole thing than I had realized,” Parlow said. “It was a great end to my NRT experience, though. I got to kind of oversee everything and introduce a lot of our younger members to No Refund Theatre.”

According to Parlow, co-directing a play with someone like McNeice made the process a lot easier than she could have imagined. The pair was a strong team from the start, which made the task of overseeing the performance a lot less daunting.

“We’ve been working together this whole year,” Parlow said. “We were both also assistant directors for a production earlier, so it was a smooth transition. I think we balance each other out really well.”

You’ll definitely want to find out what happens at the end of this play — it’s an unforgettable storyline that left me in tears from laughing so hard. NRT will present the production at 9 p.m. on Thursday, as well as Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. in 111 Forum. Check out NRT’s Facebook page here for more information.

“This is one of those fun shows,” Parlow said. “It’s purely comedy, purely fun. You’ll get sucked into the story right away, and it’s hard not to fall in love.”

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