Hot Pockets, The Pope, And The Creamery: Jim Gaffigan Brings Laughs To The Bryce Jordan Center

Stand-up comedian and versatile film/TV star Jim Gaffigan brought the laughs and good times to the BJC with his “Noble Ape” tour Saturday night.

Veteran New York comic Ted Alexandro opened the show with a plunge into political jokes about Donald Trump, managing to fill the BJC crowd with an early set of laughs before Gaffigan came on for the main set.

Gaffigan, a standup comic known for his dad, food, and lazy-man jokes, brought material that was fresh, relevant, and most importantly funny into the BJC. Like most visitors, Gaffigan came to Penn State with hopes of a care-free trip to the Berkey Creamery, but hit the unavoidable line. He joked about how long the creamery line was, but made sure to add a comment about how good the ice cream was when he finally reached the front.

Gaffigan continued with stories about his family traveling around the world to Japan, London, and China, filled with no shortage of middle-aged dad and food jokes.

This stop at Penn State is Gaffigan’s first show in America since a stint in Japan, where his experiences led him to a great deal of new material. One joke drew a particular chortle from the crowd when Gaffigan said he asked his son what his favorite part of their trip to Asia was. After visiting the Great Wall of China and other landmarks, his son replied “when we saw those pigs in the truck” referring to a time they stopped at a red light in the middle of nowhere next to a truck filled with pigs in a cage.

Gaffigan spent the second half of the show talking about prostate exams, hot pockets, and his hilarious experience with the Pope in Philadelphia.

Famously a Catholic family man, Gaffigan poked fun at his own faith quite a bit. He used only minimal profanity, but still kept his material hilarious for any audience member, as indicated by the non-stop roars of laughter erupting throughout the BJC.

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