‘Night Of Remembrance’ 2017 Will Pay Homage To Students Lost During The Year

UPUA will host the Penn State Night of Remembrance beginning at 8 p.m. Thursday, April 27 on the steps of Old Main to honor the students who passed away this year. The candlelight vigil will serve as a time commemoration and reflection, and everyone in attendance will have the chance to speak and voice their thoughts.

“The Night of Remembrance is a time where all students have the opportunity to gather together to honor those we have lost along the way,” UPUA Vice President Alex Shockley said in a press release. “Penn State has such a strong community and it is important that we remember those who have passed away.”

This will be the third annual Night of Remembrance. 10th Assembly UPUA President Emily McDonald and Shockley came up with the idea for the vigil after the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center stopped a similar event a few years before.

The 27 students from all Penn State campuses who will be honored are Starrett Metzler, Karina Nunez-Fabian, Shannon Mathers, Rahman Hassan, Madison Hill, Jedidiah Seckinger, Christina Anthony, Scott Loper, Matthew Kayser, George Samag, Garren Stamp, Byron Markle, Nicolai Tereschak, Hayley McMillen, Matthew Wolfgang, Stephanie Inman, Benjamin Harner, Robert Lane, Sarah Barbale, Andrew Edwards, Jasper Hicks, Lucas Shook, Luke Still, Samuel Kepler, Stephanie Matteo, Timothy Piazza, and Cody Mullen.

All students are encouraged to attend. Candles will be provided to all participants.

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