UPUA Talks Medical Amnesty Initiative In Record-Short Meeting

The University Park Undergraduate Association met Wednesday night in 233B HUB to discuss an ongoing medical amnesty reform initiative and hear a presentation from the Sustainability Institute.

President Katie Jordan reported briefly on last week’s Student Fee Board meeting before Vice President Alex Shockley discussed a meeting the duo held last week with stakeholders in a medical amnesty reform initiative that was included on their campaign platform last spring.

Medical amnesty in State College currently only applies to the person calling for help. For example, if your friend is drinking to the point where he or she needs medical attention and you call 911, you won’t be cited for underage drinking. However, your friend who needed the help could still be cited for underage drinking, as well as anyone else present when help arrives.

The Jordan-Shockley platform initiative the duo is continuing to work on now would ideally allow the person who needed help to be covered under medical amnesty laws as well so that students aren’t hesitant about calling when help is needed. Other Big Ten student governments, like at Nebraska and Minnesota, have been successful in pushing for similar policy reform.

“We will always do what’s best for students at the end of the day,” Shockley said.

Jordan and Shockley plan to continue fleshing out details and meeting with key stakeholders to advocate for a more inclusive medical amnesty policy across the Commonwealth.

The Assembly also heard a special presentation about the Sustainability Institute from UPUA Sustainability Director Sam Anawalt and Council of Sustainable Leaders Director Robert Ost.

“You’re all working towards a sustainable future,” Anawalt said. “You’re all working towards a better environment.”

Ost plugged the sustainability showcases the Council is hosting each Friday and explained the organization is also starting to increase its sustainability consulting, starting with organizations like THON and Lion Ambassadors.

“I want to personally invite every one of you…to feel welcome to come and visit us at the Sustainability Institute,” Penn State’s Chief Sustainability Officer Paul Shrivastava added. “If you demand sustainability…the university will have to provide it.”

“I’ve received some allegations concerning some mishandling concerning bylaws,” Chief Justice Reilly Ebbs said in her report, though she didn’t elaborate further. “You reflect UPUA’s reputation to the university. What you say to your peers, and your actions — those speak loudly.”

The meeting ended in record time — less than an hour — adjourning at 8:57 p.m.

Tie of the Week

Now that representatives aren’t required to wear ties, this might be more aptly dubbed Tie of the Month. But I digress. UPUA Vice President Alex Shockley looked particularly dapper tonight in a pink tie dotted with the Penn State Athletics “chipmunk logo” and Nittany Lion paw prints. After all, it was picture day.

Shockley explained his little, Nikko, gave him the tie as a gift. “I believe pink is a true color for a man to wear even though I don’t typically wear it,” he explained. “What else would I wear for UPUA picture day?”

If anyone’s already planning their Alex Shockley Halloween costumes, it’s Vineyard Vines.

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