State College Police Phone Number Is Being Used To Scam Residents

State College Police reported today they are aware of someone spoofing their department’s phone number to trick residents into giving away personal information and items of value.

The department’s media release claims the people responsible are telling those they call that there is a warrant for their arrest. This is in an attempt to gain personal information or money from the victims.

“Spoofing” occurs when a caller purposefully falsifies the caller ID information to disguise their identity. The goal is to take money from victims, or sell personal information that they’re able to learn during the phone call.

“Law enforcement or the government will not be calling you on the phone in an attempt to gain money or other items of value,” the release reads. “Many times, criminals will ask for money orders, iTunes gift cards, or other items of value that cannot be traced once sent.”

The police urge people to never give out personal information over the phone to unknown people.

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