Where We Want To See #GameDayPSU On Campus

Where we want #GameDayPSU on October 21 is pretty self-explanatory: Happy Valley. Exactly where on campus we want ESPN to set up shop and students to wave their anti-Harbaugh signs is a different story. We came up with a few suggestions.

The High School Musical Steps

It’s already one of the most crowded and loudest places on campus, so we don’t have to worry about making sure students show up.

The Arboretum

A large part of College GameDay is showing off the schools’ campuses. What better way to capture Centre County’s natural beauty and timely foliage than bringing a full television production and hundreds of amped up and potentially intoxicated students?

Heinz Field

Even if Pitt were home next weekend when it plays at Duke, Heinz Field would make a great venue to host GameDay since it’s always empty and has lots of open space for students to congregate during the show.

Frat Land

Let’s just throw one big daylong on national television. What could possibly go wrong?!

100 Thomas

Since students are going to be standing all game, why not host GameDay somewhere they can sit down? 100 Thomas captures the essence of going to such a large state school, since every person who doesn’t go here is dying to know just how big our classes are and how that affects our learning.

The mammoth lecture hall seats 726, but if we’re really careful, we can probably squeeze another 250 or so in the aisles. ESPN, if you’re reading this, you can reserve the room right here.

Old Main Lawn

Lots of open space. Beautiful and quintessential Penn State site. What more could GameDay ask for?

Curtin Road

The Old Main Lawn is my biggest hope, but my most rational guess is Penn State shuts down the on-campus part of Curtin Road and have students fill the street with Beaver Stadium, looking as grand as ever, standing in the distance.

Where do you want to see College GameDay at Penn State next week? Let us know in the comments.

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