Founder Offers $1,000 For Best Pro-Paterno, Anti-ESPN College GameDay Sign

ESPN’s College GameDay is returning to Penn State after almost a decade. After Nittany Lion fans’ abundant display of impressive College GameDay signs at the Big Ten Championship, the stakes are high for Saturday. So high, in fact, that columnist and talk-show host John Ziegler is offering $1,000 for the best sign to make it on air…but with one crucial stipulation: It must be pro-Paterno and anti-ESPN.

Ziegler, a Georgetown Hoya, is the founder of His website and his mini-movie The Framing of Joe Paterno” are dedicated to countering the “ratings bonanza” and false narrative employed by the media that aimed its sights on Joe Paterno after Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse allegations surfaced in 2011.

While it’s unlikely that ESPN will openly allow anti-ESPN signs, that certainly doesn’t phase Ziegler in his self-proclaimed “aggressive” crusade against the “dumb, unethical, ratings-driven” media. In fact, in late 2012 Ziegler engaged in a “day long Twitter battle” with ESPN’s Jay Bilas. During this “Twitter battle,” Bilas ended up admitting that the media coverage of Joe Paterno had been unfair. This confession, according to Ziegler, “[wouldn’t have happened] if I’m not being aggressive.”

However, these “aggressive” tactics have also landed Ziegler in hot water. In 2013 he was accused of blackmailing and “outing” Victim 2. Ziegler denied these claims, saying Victim 2 “already ‘outed’ himself,” and that his publication of Victim 2’s name was unintentional and facilitated by a cyber attack. He later issued a response to Onward State.

No matter your view of him or his tactics, as long as you share Ziegler’s disdain of ESPN, his $1,000 could be yours! All you have to do is create your sign, and slide into his DMs @Zigmanfreud with your intent to crash GameDay with your sign of scintillating scorn.

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