One Year Later, Ohio State Fan Makes Post-Penn State Recap Video With Very Different Ending

It’s been over a year since our favorite Ohio State fan FZappa20 watched his No. 2 Buckeyes lose to Penn State and posted his pained reaction to YouTube for the world to enjoy. Now that the tables have turned and the Nittany Lions are left agonizing from a heartbreaking loss in Columbus, good ol’ FZappa has more to share.

His recap begins with about 1:22 left in the fourth quarter with Ohio State in the lead. As he recounts the opening minutes of the game, which put Penn State up 14-0, he watches Trace McSorely throw an incomplete pass to seal Penn State’s fate. Although many Penn State fans gave up after that possession, the match-up remained quite nerve-wracking for him:

“I can’t take much more of this. I mean, it just went from the worst start imaginable — just feeling sick — to, ‘Alright, maybe they can stay in this.’ They continued to make mistakes, though,” he says.

FZappa20 continues to discuss Penn State’s scoring prowess and a couple of “very interesting calls” while he keeps his eyes on the TV, knowing that “with the way the Buckeyes have been screwing up today…it still ain’t over.”

Unfortunately for Penn Dtate, he was wrong. As the clock keeps running and Ohio State fans begin to celebrate the upset, FZappa20 takes a minute to check in with himself.

“It feels pretty good to win th–…I don’t know if it feels good to win this way, honestly,” he says. “My heart’s pounding.”

Instead of sentencing Penn State to a trip to the Armed Forces Bowl like he did last year, the world’s best Buckeye chooses not underestimate Penn State again: “Penn State could stay right in this thing, somehow make the playoffs still.”

Thanks for another entertaining recap, FZappa20. We’ll see you next year (or in the College Football Playoff).

You can watch the whole video below:

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