UPUA Supports New & Improved CATA App, Learns About Nightgowns

The University Park Undergraduate Association held its weekly meeting Wednesday night in the HUB, starting with a presentation from Commonwealth Council of Student Governments President Zach Taylor on how UPUA and CCSG can work together to improve all-around student life and particularly serve students as they transition from Commonwealth campuses to University Park.

The assembly also passed two quick pieces of legislation. Resolution 21-12, “Support for the Addition of International Student Council to the Paul Robeson Cultural Center Liaison Board,” is pretty self-explanatory, pledging UPUA’s support for an International Student Council liaison to sit on the PRCC Board. It passed unanimously.

Resolution was 22-12, “Support of Transloc Rider App Implementation,” commends Penn State Transportation Services on the roll-out of the Transloc App to replace the old CATA app, a sore for students in an otherwise efficient transportation system. The new app tracks the Loops, Links, other CATA buses, and even the campus shuttles, and more accurately shows the locations of each, eliminating the “teleporting CATA buses” effect. The resolution passed unanimously.


Speaker Brent Rice closed the meeting with announcements about this weekend’s student leader alumni interest group reunion, when UPUA-ers past will be in town to mingle with the assembly. As Rice so aptly put it, the events are business casual at most — no need to wear any sort of nightgown.

“No need to be in a nightgown,” he clarified. “Is that the proper word?”

Brent, if you’re reading this, it’s too late here’s what a nightgown looks like.

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