DOTD: Tim Frazier Hasn’t Stopped Climbing In DC

Former Penn State point guard Tim Frazier went semi-viral amongst the online basketball community when SLAM magazine tweeted this picture on Saturday.

SLAM wanted to know where Frazier is flying off to, but they have it all wrong. Isn’t it obvious? He’s not flying. He’s CLIMBING. 

That’s right, Tim Frazier played for three years under Pat Chambers – the first three of the coach’s tenure. One thing is for sure: He knows how to climb. And by the looks of it, he hasn’t stopped.

Scaling Old Main

If you couldn’t tell by now that Frazier is #climbing, maybe this pic of him making his way to the top of Old Main will convince you.

Clearing the Bryce Jordan Center

Eager to return to his old stomping ground, the Wizards’ point guard climbed (with us) all the way to the top of the BJC.

On top of East renderings

They may not be finished yet, but that didn’t stop Frazier from checking out the view from the roof of the renovated East dorms.

Climbing the rock wall

The IM Building’s rock wall wasn’t around during Frazier’s time at Penn State. Thus, he had to show his stuff on the proving ground wall.

Shimmying up the Washington Monument

For the only Nittany Lion currently in the NBA, living in D.C. just means taller things to climb.

Reaching Mount Everest’s Peak

Don’t expect real climbers like Frazier to stop until they’ve reached the world’s highest summit. Even then, he probably still won’t stop.

Frazier’s aerial stunt wasn’t the only noteworthy part of his performance this weekend. The Houston, TX, native also stuffed the stat sheet with 14 assists in the Wizards 129-104 routing of the Atlanta Hawks. His impressive passing performance made him the first bench player to tally that many assists in a game all season.

Keep on climbing, Tim Frazier.

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