Author: Anthony Fiset

Anthony is a sophomore majoring in Economics. He, like many others, is from right outside of Philly, and by right outside of Philly he means Pittsburgh. He is a lifetime Costco Executive Member who enjoys spending quality time on the couch with his dog, Sparkle. You can call him, beep him if you wanna reach him at [email protected], or follow him on Twitter @antnyfst.

What Ned Bigby Was Doing Instead Of Making An Appearance At THON, Probably

Ned Bigby (or Devon Werkheiser, but we prefer Ned Bigby) has missed two THONs in a row now. We speculate where he could’ve been instead.

The Bungee Jumpers Fulfilled Their Promises In Their THONcore On Sunday

The Bungee Jumpers did not disappoint when it gave its second performance of THON 2018 on Sunday just inside of the Final Four. This time, they brought THON children along for the ride, as they went bigger than last night’s performance.

Breaking: You Won’t Want To Miss The Bungee Jumpers Encore Performance At THON On Sunday

It’s official: The Bungee Jumpers are returning later today for their second performance of THON 2018, and they have something special in store for us…

The Bucks County Bungee Jumpers: Blessing Us All With Their Presence

The Bucks County Bungee Jumpers changed my life: my sophomore column.

Men’s Gymnastics: A THON Pep Rally Dynasty

Men’s gymnastics won its second straight THON Pep Rally title on Saturday. Here’s a look at the dynasty that will be a favorite for years to come.

Kid’s Talent Show Electrifies The BJC At THON 2018

The kids took center stage at the BJC on Saturday night to showcase their talents in the THON 2018 Kid’s Talent Show.

[Photo Story] Kids Get To Kick It During Athlete Hour 2018

Athlete Hour is always a blast for the kids, as well as the athletes. Here are some highlights from the activity-filled afternoon.