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Author: Anthony Fiset

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Anthony Fiset

Anthony is a senior *gasp* majoring in Economics and a lifetime Costco Executive Member. If you are an employer, please hire him. Otherwise, direct all complaints to [email protected]


Penn State’s Tree-Climbing Course Helps Students Branch Out

Jim Savage gives students a new, higher perspective on campus and learning with his course on tree climbing.


Former Penn State Football Player Tyler Shoop Living Pro Wrestling Dream In Tennessee

After forgoing his redshirt senior season, Shoop is finally getting the chance to do what he loves.


Penn State Football’s Jersey Recruit Graphic Is Problematic

Penn State football's latest recruit graphics are a bit problematic.


Does James Franklin Care Enough About The Gorgeous, Coveted Land-Grant Trophy?

Penn State has fallen apart in its last two chances to bring the trophy home, which begs the question...does the team care enough about this beautiful block of wood?


The Anatomy Of The Land-Grant Trophy

What could possibly make a trophy more beautiful than an assortment of statues and photos on a handsome, 70-pound block of wood?

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