Quiz Daddy Scott Rogowsky Does Not Hail To The Lion

It’s trivia time, bay-bay! Live trivia game app HQ mentioned Penn State as one of its answer choices in Wednesday’s 9 p.m. game, along with Arkansas and Ole Miss.

The question was, “What college football team’s chant is also likely to be heard on a farm?”

Obviously the Nittany Lions aren’t livestock. The correct answer to the question was the Arkansas Razorbacks — it’s not immediately evident from the name, but the Arkansas mascot is a wild boar named Tusk. The school has a real boar.

(Photo: RebelAt)

But the Quiz Daddy left out one crucial detail: Penn Staters aren’t just “Lions.” They’re Nittany Lions.

As the famous song says it best:

It’s the stately Nittany Lion,
The symbol of our best.

More than fifty privileged people have worn the Nittany Lion costume to embody Penn State’s beloved mascot throughout its lifetime. The magic of Mount Nittany is hard to describe, but the Penn State mythology is evergreen around the story of Princess Nittany and Lion’s Paw and the elusive Nittany Lion.

As Scott Rogowsky himself would say, “Savagery.”

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