The Nike Saquon Merchandise I Want To See

A few months ago, I complained about third party companies making money off of Saquon Barkley‘s likeness during his time as a college athlete. Now that the future NFL running back signed a deal with Nike, I’m here for all of the Saquon merchandise that Phil Knight can produce.

Seriously, I would spend my entire life’s savings ($3 and counting) on a Saquon Barkley signature line. That said, I have some ideas to bounce off of the bigwigs in Oregon and whoever is representing Barkley at RocNation Sports (Jay-Z himself, probably).

First and foremost, we need some freaking t-shirts. Write “Say what? Saquon” on a shirt, slap a swoosh on it, and watch the money pile up. If no one pitched this on the first day after Barkley signed his endorsement deal, Nike may need a top-down purge.

Considering the box Nike gave him for his birthday/signing read “Get Gone,” I have faith that branding efforts are heading in the right direction.

Is it too early to start talking shoes? Saquon spent his entire Penn State career taking ankles in an all black pair of Nike cleats, so a signature shoe only seems right. Calvin Johnson Jr. is the only player (that I can remember) to ever have a Nike signature cleat, so it may be far-fetched to see the SB1s anytime soon.

However, it’s likely that Nike could drop a Saquon Barkley signature training shoe somewhere down the line. A signature trainer would put him in elite company with Johnson, Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, Mike Vick, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Darrelle Revis as some of the only other football players to have their own Nike shoe.

I know I would camp out in line for the release of Saquon’s signature trainer that would definitely help me run faster, hurdle defenders, and clean 405 pounds. After all, it’s gotta be the shoes, right?

T-shirts and shoes should just be the start for Barkley. If those agents at RocNation are any good, they’ll work to create a Saquon brand under Nike’s umbrella, making him the Michael Jordan of football. Give me a silhouette of one of these poses over the Jumpman logo any day:

(Photo: Mark Selders//Penn State Athletics)

This may all be some wishful thinking before Saquon even runs his official 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine, but signing an endorsement deal with Nike opens a door of endless possibilities for athletes (not to mention endless cash flow). The future is bright for number 26 and I just really can’t wait to rep his merchandise.

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