Best Outfits Of THON 2018

The bright and vibrant colors of the THON crowd are one of the most outstanding and unique aspects of the weekend. All that neon comes from tons of great outfits worn by both those on the floor and in the stands, but if you stare at either too long it can be difficult to decipher between any group of people.

While there is absolutely no way to get to see every outfit around the BJC — no matter how unique the outfit or how many times you walk around — we found some of our favorites so far and power ranked them. Keep an eye out for these individuals this weekend or, better yet, try to one-up them with your own tutu or crazy socks.

Honorable Mention

Colorful spinny hats are always awesome. Rolling into THON with a squad all wearing the same hat? Even better.


The leis are a nice touch, but what puts these outfits over the top are the accessories. The rainbow “Cat In The Hat” hat slides these two into our No. 5 spot.


If you’re gonna rock a tutu and an outlandish hat, you might as well enlist a buddy to join you.


Tiger print shirt? Check. Colorful tutu? Check.

What else do you even need?


Full tiger jump suit? Where do you even buy one of those?

No, seriously I think I’m going to buy one.


Who says you can’t be patriotic and FTK? Decked out in red, white, and blue from head to toe, this outfit certainly stood out among the crowd. Also, is it just me or does the guy kind of look like an American Connor McGregor?

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