THON 2018 Executive Director Andrew Smith Says Post-THON Is A ‘Surreal Moment’

After months of hard work, THON 2018 Executive Director Andrew Smith is in awe of this weekend’s event. Both he and Public Relations Director Haley Staub could not be more thankful for the hard work every volunteer put in to make this weekend possible.

“We asked a lot of our volunteers,” Smith said in a press conference following the event. “To raise the total like that, to kind of see everything come together, everything was worth it in that moment.”

Smith describes this year as a foundational one for THON. He comments on the success of online fundraising, in engaging not only students and community members, but also individuals who have not previously been involved with THON.

There are always things that can be done better, but Smith and Staub are very satisfied with the way THON ran this year.

Charles Millard, co-founder of Four Diamonds, and Suzanne Garney, Four Diamonds executive director, sang THON’s praises, saying that it never fails to be an indescribable event.

Millard said Penn State student truly “breathe life” into Four Diamonds. He notes that the energy and enthusiasm from is the BJC is unbelievable — “Especially that last band.” Kudos to you, Go Go Gadjet.

“My heart is so full,” Garney said. “Ten million dollars is a phenomenal feat in and of itself, but when you think about the love that goes into that and the spirit of it, it is even more extraordinary.”

Preparations start tomorrow for THON 2019 and Smith anticipates future THONs will be able to build off of this year’s successes.

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