Power Ranking Penn State Football Coaches’ Twitter Accounts

In an apparent effort to stay “hip” and relate to their generation-z players, pretty much all of Penn State’s football coaches are present in the Twittersphere.

Granted, some are more apt at communicating via 140 280 characters than others, so we decided to rank them.

We mostly focused on each coach’s creativity — in whatever form it took. We’re looking at who has the most to say aside from all of their retweets (most of which were the same for each coach). Furthermore, we only focused on Tweets from the past four months to make things easier on ourselves. (We’re bloggers, but even we can only spend so much time on Twitter.)

After scrolling through endless streams of Penn State football content, here is the definitive power ranking of the coaches’ Tweeters.

1. Sean Spencer

You expected James Franklin, didn’t you? While Franklin undoubtedly tweets the most out his entire staff, defensive line coach Sean Spencer beats him with quality over quantity. Just look at his National Dog Day tweet — it’s Twitter gold.

…not to mention his GIF work, which is also off the charts. I could write an entire rhetorical analysis about the first wild dogs post below. There’s so much symbolism to unpack here.

Spencer even gifted us with a behind-the-scenes look of the Wild Dogs getting hype. Keep enriching our timeline with this content!

Lastly, it should be noted that @SpenceChaos is by far the coolest Twitter handle on the staff. 

2. James Franklin

Even with the highest number of followers, the head coach fell to number two on this list. His Twitter account is supported mostly by his use of bits –most notably, repeating the name of this week’s opponent as many times as humanly possible Twitter’s character limit will allow.

Sometimes he’ll take a break from his usual Twitter antics to get us all ready to run through a brick wall. Seriously, how is it possible to get this jazzed up over a quoted Darren Rovell tweet?

Unfortunately, Franklin falters at times when it comes to originality, namely by quoting every tweet ever that mentions Penn State football with the caption #WeAre. Honestly, sometimes it seems like his account is just a bot that just retweets Penn State football content. Spin zone: James Franklin is the last Penn State football-related account you’ll ever need to follow.

3. Kenny Sanders

Technically Sanders isn’t a coach, but the assistant director of player personnel earned his spot on this list nonetheless. Bashing Fortnite on the timeline and appeasing to millennials makes Sanders a Twitter pro.

…not to mention exceptional GIF usage like this, which was definitely in response to landing a recruit, but also explains all of our moods heading into the first tailgate of the season.

He even riffs with @SpenceChaos on the Twitter machine.

Shots fired! He put the defensive unit on blast and even made sure to @ them, too. Do yourself a favor and read this whole thread for some more great replies from the rest of the staff.

4. Ricky Rahne

Rahne comes in hot on the list with the Bob The Builder GIF. This is truly some galaxy brain (i.e. next) level GIF usage from the offensive coordinator.

He solidifies his position with a funny tweet about the inflatable pool slide he got for his kids. A tweet that’s not about football?! *GASP*

A National Dog Day post featuring the kids is pretty much the textbook definition of a good Dad-tweet. No surprise here — Rahne nails it.

5. Ja’Juan Seider

Running backs coach Ja’Juan Seider lands at number five, but don’t be fooled. We stan him for sharing his music choices with the world: M-M-M-M-Maybach Music. 

He even drops a quintessential student athlete caption on this action shot. If you didn’t know any better, you might have even thought that this was Miles Sanders’ tweet.

Seider gets a lot of credit here for using “turn up” correctly plus the A$AP Rocky GIF for the youth culture. We can only imagine how lit the Fourth of July must have been with Seider in Myrtle Beach. 

6. Matt Limegrover

The offensive line coach comes in at number six thanks in no small part to his GIF game.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a GIF must be worth #107000kStrong. Limegrover knows there’s no better way to show emotion on the internet than with a moving picture.

He tweeted the GIF below at least three times over the summer by our account, thus showing how little he could contain his excitement.

When he’s not tweeting the same GIF over and over again, he updates us on the happenings of the O-Line. Here are the big fellas doing some community service. Now that’s what we call good ol’ fashion family Twitter content.

7. Tyler Bowen

Honestly, the only reason tight end coach Tyler Bowen made this list was because his dog is in his Twitter profile picture. 

And because he takes core value number three super literally, apparently. 

8. Phil Galiano

Sorry, but we had to expose Galiano for this disaster. Saying “at” before Blake Gillikin’s Twitter handle is a huge technical error from the special teams coordinator. Still, we have to give him some props for supporting punters on the timeline.

Note: Some coaches missing from this list include Tim Banks, Terry Smith, David Corley, and Brent Pry. This was not oversight. Their Twitter accounts are just too boring.

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