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Author: Anthony Fiset

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Anthony Fiset

Anthony is a senior *gasp* majoring in Economics and a lifetime Costco Executive Member. If you are an employer, please hire him. Otherwise, direct all complaints to [email protected]


Parking On Pattee Mall In 1940: The Ultimate Flex

If you think that students driving Lamborghinis around State College today are flexing, imagine a student pulling up to the library in a 1940 Plymouth.


The Best Intramural Basketball Team Names 2020

Enjoy this list of IM basketball team names from the brightest minds at Penn State.

Student Life

Why Students Drop Classes During Syllabus Week

The underlying circumstances that have forced even the most studious Penn Staters to drop a class during the first week of the semester


Tell Us Why You Dropped A Class During Syllabus Week

We want to hear all of the bad first impressions that forced students to drop a class in the first week of the semester.

Student Life

Penn State Staircase Superlatives

The yearbook section that will make all of the stairs at Penn State hate each other.


Power Ranking Penn State Football Early Enrollees’ First Day Of Class Seats

If a football player shows up on the first day of class and doesn't tweet at Coach Franklin, does it even count?

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