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Dana Kimmelman is a SENIOR studying Psychology and Philosophy. She hasn't updated her profile in a long time, and she knows that it's just not Snowflake Day without a lamb taco.

100 Years of Giggles: 10 Questions with Phroth

As some of you may know, this year is the 100th anniversary of Penn State’s humor magazine, Phroth. The magazine also produces the Phollegian, which we all enjoyed on March 31st for some reason instead of April Fool’s Day. Ah, well. We were lucky enough to score an interview with the lady behind the laughs, […]

Preacher or Prima Donna?

We all know about the Willard Preacher, and you may have even encountered other religious demonstrators beyond the stoop of that beloved building. Whether you are enraged, annoyed, indifferent, or …I suppose there could be a few people around who support these sermonizers… The Collegian’s Monday columnist, Margaret Miceli, thinks that the fact that you […]

Sunshine on a Windy Day

You’d have to be in a steel bunker today not to have heard tunes echoing across campus from the HUB lawn. I stopped by Movin’ On to check it out and withstood the wind and cold for two fantastic sets, Some Downtown Avenue and Atlas Soundtrack. I had heard a lot about Atlas Soundtrack from […]

Real News or Bust

Alright people, enough is enough. April Fool’s Day is a ridiculous holiday to begin with, what with the pranking and the joking and the general tom foolery that goes on. This problem is especially prevalent in the youth population, and even more concentrated amongst young people with access to popular media outlets. I’m not going […]

10 Questions With Kid on a Rope

10 Questions is a recurring Onward State feature in which we ask people about their Penn State experience. Onward State was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to Cory, age 4, as he swaggered down Shortlidge Rd. The picture at right is a self portrait titled “Me”. Who do you think will emerge victorious […]

“Mom, Dad: I’m an Atheist,” says Dillahunty

Last night Matt Dillahunty, host of the TV show “The Atheist Experience,” spoke about his role in the New Atheism movement. Born and raised a fundamentalist Christian of the Southern Baptist variety, Dillahunty is now president of the Atheist Community of Austin (ACA). While studying to become a minister, his extensive study of the Bible […]

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