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Author: Evan Kalikow

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Evan Kalikow

Evan Kalikow co-founded Onward State in November 2008 with Davis Shaver and Eli Glazier. Having previously served as a Writer, Editor, Standards Editor, and Community Manager, Evan is now a proud alumnus of both Onward State and Penn State. He was also named "Person of the Year" by Time Magazine in 2006.

Your THON Prop Bets Have Arrived

THON is tomorrow. Literally. That means it's time to make some THON Prop Bets! What is a prop bet, you may ask? A prop bet is short for proposition bet. Basically, it's a bet on something not commonly betted upon. For example, lots of people bet on the score of the Super Bowl, but how many people bet on how many times the winning coach will say "humbled" in the post-game press conference? That's a prop bet. You can find out more on Grantland (or research it yourself. I'm not doing your homework for you).

Reader-Submitted Post

Penn State Journal of International Affairs

After months of hard work, the inaugural issue of the Penn State Journal of International Affairs has been released. You can read the entire issue on our website,

The Five BEST Classrooms on Campus

Last semester, I sojourned across campus to find the five worst classrooms. We all had a good laugh at how awful they all were! But what about the unsung heroes? What about the great classrooms? Well, dear reader, fear no more. Here's my breakdown of the five best classrooms.

Distraction of the Day: Me

Hey there. I bet you're neck-deep in finals and papers right now. How about a study break?

Today, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., I will be hanging out at Irving's. Come hang out with me!

7 Tips for Studying at a Bar

Studying for finals? Tired of the usual studying spots? Try studying at a bar! I did it for the first time this weekend (the things I'll do for the sake of Onward State), and I was quite productive.

Be warned, though, that there are some risks and dangers involved with studying at a bar. After the jump are seven tips for doing work at the drinking establishment of your choice.

Dear Anderson Cooper: Thank You

Dear Anderson Cooper,

A couple of weeks ago, I was an audience member on your daytime TV show, Anderson. I wrote extensively about the situation and how disappointing I was at how the rest of the Penn State students and I were treated and represented. After the taping, I felt let down--I was a fan of Anderson Cooper 360 and you in general (we even shared a similar sense of humor!). Seeing you and your show act in the way that you did deeply saddened me.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I heard the news that two of your executive producers had stepped down, one of whom left because you disagreed with how they handled the aforementioned special.

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