Author: Evan Kalikow

Evan Kalikow co-founded Onward State in November 2008 with Davis Shaver and Eli Glazier. Having previously served as a Writer, Editor, Standards Editor, and Community Manager, Evan is now a proud alumnus of both Onward State and Penn State. He was also named "Person of the Year" by Time Magazine in 2006.

Homecoming Court Interview Series

Last week, we had the chance to meet briefly with all of the Homecoming Student Court candidates and ask them each a few questions that they probably don’t get asked every day. Check them out below, and VOTE if you haven’t already!

The 5 Worst Classrooms on Campus

During your time at Penn State, you have surely hopefully gone to class at least once. Some of these classes may have been in lovely, or at least serviceable, locales. Others, though, have been held in awful, awful rooms, worse than a thousand hells simultaneously. With the help of both the always-lovely photographer extraordinaire Eric Weiss and Onward State’s Twitter followers, I ventured into the bellies of the beasts and determined the five worst classrooms on campus.

Want to Be on the Homecoming Court? Here’s How

By now, you’ve surely heard that the 2011 Homecoming Court was announced. Maybe you’ve even seen the video of the Court members being surprised in class. If you’re an underclassman, you might be thinking to yourself, “Boy, that sure seems neat! How can I get onto the Homecoming Court?”

Allow me to run through the process with you. You can trust me, because I just went through it and I was rejected!

Community Manager: What Makes Great Community Content?

When we here at Onward State launched our redesign at the beginning of the Fall 2010 semester, we introduced a new feature: Community Content. It was one of my favorite new features–let the community write about whatever they want! Since then, we’ve gotten some great content. Recently, however, the Community Content portal has been used almost exclusively for event and club promotion. That’s good and useful to an extent, but too much of it can cause the rest of the Community Content to be drowned out in noise.

Community Manager: How Should We Cover State Patty’s Day?

From reading the comments, though, it became clear (if it wasn’t already clear) that there’s a large rift in the State College community between the students who just want to have a day of drunken fun and the residents who don’t want the town or themselves to be needlessly disturbed. I think it’s important that we have an open, intelligent dialog about the issue, which is why I’m asking the following question:

What do you think should be done (if anything) about State Patty’s Day, and how should Onward State be covering it?

What Should Onward State Write About?

Hello faithful readers. We here at Onward State have written about a lot in these past few weeks, from why to join a Sorority to the UPUA’s marathon of arguments about the Student Handbook Commission. We’ve even brought back one of my most beloved features–The Natty Nittany.

But Onward State is a small organization. Stories can fall through the cracks in the bustling metropolis that is State College. That’s why we’re asking you, the readers, What should Onward State be covering?

A Moment With Your New Community Manager

Hello there. My name’s Evan. I co-founded Onward State, along with Davis and Eli, back in November 2008. I’ve been a writer, an editor, and even an amateur sketch artist over the past two years.

But, as Kanye West once said, “I’m living in the future so the present is my past,” so let’s move on.

I’ve now taken over the reins as the Community Manager for Onward State, which will be a different position than it has been in the past. Essentially, I will be acting as a liaison between the Onward State staff and you, our glorious readers and commenters. Since this position is new, it will surely develop and evolve as the semester progresses.

For now, though, let’s focus on one of the things that makes Onward State really neat–great online conversations. As some of our more regular readers may already know, our comments section can be both entertaining and engaging (ideally both at the same time). To start off the new semester, I have some guidelines to follow in order to keep our comments great and make them even better over time. Check them out after the jump.