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Valley Magazine

Valley is Penn State’s life and style magazine. Our mission is to recognize other students for their academic and extracurricular accomplishments, and to feature local style, entertainment and lifestyle trends.

Stay Safe This Spring Break

Whether you’re headed to Daytona Beach, Puerta Vallarta or to visit your friends at other colleges during break next week, it’s never a bad idea to make safety one of your top priorities.

Yoga Pants: The College Girl’s Version of The LBD

Yoga pants have become a staple in college girl’s closets everywhere. Valley Magazine has prepared a list of our top three yoga pants for every budget.

Healthy Tanning for the Spring Break Sunshine

It’s safe to say that we’re all aware of the unhealthy consequences of tanning. Premature aging, brown spots and wrinkles are just some of the minimal consequences compared to the biggie: skin cancer. No, thank you! With spring break right around the corner, here are some healthy tanning tips.

What’s In Your Fannypack, THON?

When you’re standing for 46 hours and can’t leave the floor, dancers want necessities on-hand, but out of the way. The answer? The hands-free wonder that is a fanny pack. It’s not just convenient, it’s one of the best ways for a dancer to accessorize. Valley had their eyes peeled for the most unique fanny packs and even took a peek inside.

DIY: Tutu for THON

If you think you’re going to THON tutu-less, think again. As with high socks and hot loops headbands, a tutu is fashion protocol for the weekend. After THON, recycle it for a Halloween costume or keep it on hand to frolic around like a princess. Surprisingly, this tutu only costs about $10 total to make. If you know how to cut and tie a knot, you’re all set! No sewing required.

PDA Commandments

With Valentine's Day approaching, let’s put an end to offensive PDA acts. The key to tasteful public displays of affection is simplicity. Anything that lasts too long immediately becomes uncomfortable for others to watch. Read the Five Commandments for PDA Etiquette after the jump.

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