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UPUA Conducting Student Financial Literacy Survey

Financial literacy is an issue that UPUA has always tried to tackle in various ways, most notably with the establishment of the Student Financial Education Center. Now, our student government is looking deeper into the problem and is hoping to finish out the semester with a report on why Penn State is ranked so poorly and how students use the Office of Student Aid.

The Birds, The Bees, And Evolution: Behind The Scenes Of Anthro 216

Dr. David Puts a mixes humor, science and sex in his Anthropology 216, Sex and Evolution course. And the course is more intellectual and scientifically proven lessons than “don’t have sex because you will get pregnant and you will die.”

UPUA President, PASS Schools Call For State Budget Action

Today, due to gridlock in Harrisburg, the four state-related universities in Pennsylvania face the prospect of receiving zero dollars in allocations this year, a $600 million shortfall. The past several years have seen meager state funding, and our universities have adapted by cutting costs where possible, but that is no longer feasible.

Penn Stater Named To Olympic Committee’s Centre for Safe Sport’s Inaugural Board

The Center for Safe Sport was recently created to tackle the issue of protecting America’s athletes. Penn State will be represented on the inaugural board by chief ethics and compliance officer Regis Becker.

School Of Music, Penn State Alumni Present Tenth Annual President’s Concert

The concert begins at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 1 in Harrisburg’s Forum Auditorium, and is hosted by President Eric Barron.

Penn State Honors Eight With Distinguished Alumni Award

Lara Spencer, Joel Myers, Jesse Arnelle, Kathleen Harris, John Leone, George Santiago, Jr., Richard Silverman, and Thomas Ulmer received the Distinguished Alumni Award, the university’s highest honor.

Penn State To End Coal Shipments This Month, Switch To Natural Gas

A turning point in Penn State history: We will no longer run on coal in an attempt to improve sustainability, efficiency, and cost.

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