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Penn State Softball’s Kristina Brackpool Gets Her Chance To Dance In THON

Prior to THON 2018, Kristina Brackpool had never been to the annual 46-hour dance marathon before. Not only will she be in attendance for the first time, the fifth-year senior is also a dancer.

The Red Hotts (Very Loudly) Rock The BJC Saturday Afternoon

The Red Hotts took to the stage at the BJC on Saturday afternoon to perform in front of a relatively packed crowd.

Former Bachelorette Contestant James McCoy Taylor Performs At THON

James McCoy Taylor brought a little country music to THON in his first trip to Happy Valley.

The New Feel Makes An Impact On THON Weekend For A Fourth Consecutive Year

Though The New Feel didn’t get a chance to perform at THON as a whole this weekend, its members are still making an impact by donating all proceeds from their new single to the Four Diamonds Fund.

The Best Hats And Headwear Of THON 2018

Many in attendance at THON 2018 are sporting interesting headwear to complete their spirited outfits this weekend.

What Happens When You Turn 21 During THON?

Sometimes you end up turning 21 on an unlucky night — maybe a random Monday when you have a test the next day or over summer when all you really want to do is be back in Happy Valley. Then there’s an entirely different situation: having your birthday in the middle of THON.

Best Outfits Of THON 2018

THON always brings out some of the wackiest outfits. We found some of the best in the BJC crowd.