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The Natty Nittany

Chris.  Photographed on College Ave. Not only is he incredibly gracious, Chris is also incredibly well dressed.  This post is a pop quiz for all the readers.  Comment and we’ll see why you think Chris is potentially the “Nattiest” Nittany yet.  Think details!

Insomnia Cookies Defines Its Audience

Late last night while I was working on a paper, I decided to reward myself for completing the header (I had my name AND the date typed up!) So I ordered some Insomnia Cookies, and was subsequently greeted by this flier. If you’re wondering, the only way they could make this promotion less subtle would […]

Pandora Founder to Talk This Evening

What: Tim Westergreen, the founder of Pandora, will be talking about the future of music. When: 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 8 Where:112 Walker Cost: Free!

By Davis

Penn State Stereotypes Soldiers

The Student Affairs office is under fire this week for a video it put up on a Counseling & Psychological Services site about Worrisome Student Behavior. The video blatantly stereotypes veterans as angry and unstable. We’ve embedded the YouTube version for your review below– Penn State already removed the original from its site. (But first… […]

Respect The DJ: 2nd Nature at Cell Block

It’s not very often that I’ll write and promote for the competition (I manage entertainment at Indigo), but I can’t go without giving props to DJ Scooter and Ikon of the Cell Block for bringing Scooter’s Crooklyn Clan cohort and fellow video DJ 2nd Nature to town. The Details… Where: The Cellblock, 420 E College […]

Possible Greek Loop

Recently reelected UPUA president Gavin Keirans has proposed a CATA bus loop that would transport students to and from the Greek scene on the weekends starting next fall. Here’s what a few people had to say about it: State College Borough Council President Elizabeth Goreham: “You won’t have people screaming obscenities or ripping up shrubbery,” […]

UNC Postgame Party Makes Ours Look Bad

If you thought the little celebration we had after beating Ohio State last semester was epic, watch the video below and prepare to be shamed. UNC definitely knows how to do it. And yes, those glowing things are bonfires! I’m not saying we should aspire to this, but that Beaver Canyon thing is small potatoes […]

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