State College offers a wide variety of entertainment options, from 18 bars and clubs in the downtown area to a number of music and performance venues, including the Bryce Jordan Center and The State Theatre. Happy Valley has hosted such performing greats as Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen, Cirque du Soleil and Lewis Black. Student groups like SOMA and SPA also provide both national acts and student art and entertainment on campus and the community is home to an up-and-coming local music scene.

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If you're looking for some alternatives to heading to the crowd-packed Bryce Jordan Center for your live music needs — check out our list of smaller upcoming shows.
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John Carroll Lynch, an actor with experience in playing villains and good guys alike, will take on the role of Jerry Sandusky in director Brian De Palma's "Happy Valley," according to a report today from The Wrap.
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Everyone who’s anyone at Penn State knows about the free HUB concerts that occur every few weekends. I think it’s safe to say that the HUB turns up constantly and hosts some awesome people, like Hoodie Allen, who performed this past Saturday. How do the concerts happen, though? Where do all these big names come from, and why are they free?
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Nashville-based band Those Darlins will play at Chronic Town (224 W College Ave) this Thursday, Sept. 18. The group is known for its rock sound, which ranges from rockabilly to classic rock.
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This past Sunday night, Levels Nightclub hosted the 50 Shades of Drag Show featuring famous local and a few new Queens. Similarly, the audience consisted of both seasoned veterans and “drag virgins.” The lovely host, Anita Coxxx assured the audience that all of our drag cherries would be popped by the end of the night.
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If you weren't watching the Penn State football game last night, there's a pretty good chance you were at the Hoodie Allen concert in the HUB's Alumni Hall.
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Were you worried the upcoming Joe Paterno biopic 'Happy Valley' was cancelled? Don't fret! Al Pacino reveals how he's preparing himself to play the late football coach.
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Brooklyn-based duo Matt and Kim will take the stage Sunday, September 21 for Homecoming 2014 Concert.
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The State Theatre announced that '80s British rock band, Asia, will come to Happy Valley on Thursday, September 18 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are available on The State Theatre's website for purchase.
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On the eve of Penn State’s home opener against Akron, the Bryce Jordan Center opened its fall concert season on Friday night with a show by indie rock group Foster the People and special guest opener The Velvet Teen.