So You’re Going to Girl Talk… Now What?

We hope that by now you’ve heard about Thursday night’s Girl Talk concert. But what is a Girl Talk concert like? Will it be like the Eve 6 concert? Maybe the John Legend concert?

We’ve researched Girl Talk’s past performances, and feel confident that we can predict some things about Thursday’s performance.

Check out our thoughts on the flipside.

It’s going to be sweaty. Really, really sweaty. Want to know how sweaty? Compare these two pictures from Wesleying, the Wesleyan blog:

According to one Yale student, seeing Girl Talk is “uninhibited, free hardcore XXX, ecstatic glee.” [Thank God for the Yale Daily News. Don’t worry, Crimson, we’ll get to you too.] If you aren’t familiar with Girl Talk’s music, imagine that someone put the best hundred thousand songs from the past ten years into a blender, and then cleaned up the output. Seriously, you will be amazed how many songs Girl Talk fits into three or four minutes.

Security, in large part, will determine how the night goes. Girl Talk concerts often end up with Gregg Gillis and his computer being surrounded by a throbbing mob. But, if security deems this unsafe, the show can be interrupted, as it was at Girl Talk’s recent Wesleyan performance.

Something similar happened at his Harvard performance. According to Harvard’s Crimson, a paper we at OS admire, after the Harvard police department’s attempts at controlling the crowd failed,

Gillis ended up curtailing his performance because of the failed attempts to control the crowd. After the announcement that the concert was ending, the DJ apologized and said that if it were up to him, he would continue playing and asked if there was “a house somewhere [he] could go, right now.”

So, let’s hope that on Thursday night, Penn State security acts like our 7th grade teacher: firm but understanding. (Too creepy?)

Don’t wear anything that would cause you to sweat unnecessarily. Ladies, please no Uggs. Spandex has been popular at other Girl Talk concerts. V-neck t-shirts and jeans with sneakers are a good unisex option. Headbands might be needed and could add to the 80s workout outfit you’re trying to create. Dress funky. Eclectic styles tend to converge within earshot of Girl Talk music. As always, hipster attire and the hipsters that wear it will make an appearance. The basic guidelines are: look good, don’t layer (otherwise, your clothes will be strewn around Alumni Hall by the end of the night), wear something you can dance in, and have fun with it. Maybe it’s time to bust out those Day-Glo pink skinny jeans?

The precise capacity numbers haven’t been released yet, but we expect that only 700 to 1000 students will be allowed in. Though the concert was only recently announced, all indicators suggest that demand will be extremely high.

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