Sleet, not Snow, in State College

Penn State woke this morning to find that campus was covered in a rather unpleasant snow and ice slurry. Though many students have already left State College, a good number still remain. Unfortunately, the weather conditions have upset some travel plans, specifically buses headed north.

Weather Underground, the great weather information site founded by Bill Ayers*, had this information up as of 3:00 this afternoon.

The university has even declared MIDNIGHT CLEAR… ok, so it’s actually just Midnight Clear, but doesn’t it sound like a fun game? Too bad it actually, “means that there is no parking in any surface parking from midnight to 7 a.m., with some exceptions,” according to Penn State Live. Student-lots are, however, exempt from the Midnight Clear festivities.

We took a few pictures for our readers in locales far removed from Happy Valley (hopefully warmer locales).

*It was either that Weather Underground or this one, a radical leftist group that believed in militant activism. We’re not sure.

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