Fire at Phi Delta Theta

There was a fire early this morning at the former Phi Delta Theta building, according to a Penn State Live story posted hours ago.

All of the residents of the former Phi Delta Theta house were evacuated safely and there were no injuries. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

The Alpha Fire Department, the State College Police and the University Police responded to the fire. The blaze was contained to the “penthouse” area of the building, and while damage from the fire was limited, the sprinkler system was activated and discharged a large volume of water into the structure, causing significant damage, according to firefighters.

But I kind of recall us talking about Phi Delta Theta for some other reason in the past couple of weeks…

Oh yeah, just yesterday the University got the State College Zoning Board to decide that the former fraternitiy was now just a “rooming residence.” This decision is part of the University’s ongoing effort to purchase the building in accordance with the building’s deed– a document written in 1905. The University hasn’t been very successful yet, but perhaps the fraternity residents realized the futility in confronting the county’s largest and most important institution.

Penn State had also previously ordered the residents to vacate by June 30. It’s definitely an odd coincidence… or is it?

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